Ingredients (6 portions):

6 peppers

1 big onion

2 garlic gloves

500 g ground meat

125 ml white wine

2 cups Uncle Ben’s rice (150 ml)

475 ml vegetable soup

1/4 branch of parsley, 2 tbs chive

1 can of tomatoes (500 ml)

125 ml vegetable soup

oilve oil

salt and pepper


Wash the peppers and cut 1 cm off the top. Remove the core of the peppers. Cut onion and garlic in small pieces and roast in olive oil, add the (raw) rice and add white wine and half of the vegetable soup. Boil until the liquid is gone and the rice is cooked. Add the parsley and chive, then the ground meat. Stir everything and add salt and pepper. Put the empty peppers in a casserolle dish and fill them with the meat. Put the top onto the pepper. Boil the tomatoesauce with the vegetable soup. Baked the stuffed peppers for 30 minutes in the oven.

.s. cookingCatrin