for the dumpling dough:

200 g whole-grain wheat flour

½ teaspoon salt

100 g SalzburgMilch Austrian butter {ice cold}

250 g SalzburgMilch Premium curd cheese

for the filling:

125 g SalzburgMilch Premium curd cheese

1 tablespoon olive oil

½ small onion

1 small carrot

100 g pumpkin

1/4 stick of leek

salt & pepper

for the decoration:

½ onion

100 g pumpkin

1 tablespoon olive oil

8 tablespoon pumpkin seeds

SalzburgMilch Premium cheese

100 ml SalzburgMilch Austrian butter {melted}

Curd cheese dumplings

Tasty curd cheese dumplings with seasonal vegetables´ fillng is a perfect dish to enjoy during the cold days. Easy to cook and nice to try. We make it with the help of easy pasta dough and winter vegetables. Both: children and adults will definitely love it.