2 ripe bananas

250 g plain yoghurt

125 g honey

vanilla pulp

3 eggs (large)

250 g whole grain wheat flour (or whole spelt flour)

50 g cocoa powder

1 pkg. baking powder

200 g cashew cranberry mix

butter for the form

Sugar free cake pleasure

Sometimes you just need something sweet and chocolaty! Be it alongside your afternoon coffee or as a dessert right after a hearty lunch. We have chosen a light chocolate cake, so we can enjoy the beloved temptation of cake without bad conscience. The cake tastes wickedly delicious and doesn’t need any raffinated sugar! Natural ingredients such as honey and banana which are processed in the pastry are giving the cake its sweet taste. Cashews and sweet cranberries as a topping are making the fluffy cake the highlight of the coffee table. The chocolate cake is a healthy alternative to the usually loved classics of the kitchen corner.