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Since we published our cookbook, we got a lot of inquieres of a international english version. Finally we can proudly present you our new e-book with more than 40 of our most beloved traditional Austrian recipes, reinterpreted in an easier and lighter way. The Austrian’s traditional cookbook combines the best traditional Austrian recipes from rustic and hearty to sweet treats, in a modern way.

For a long time our local kitchen was inspired by the many cultures of the Habsburger empire. Today, the Austrian cuisine is famous for classic dishes such as Wiener Schnitzel and Sachertorte. But there are so many traditional recipes that are not so famous  beyond Austria, like different kinds of dumplings, many various „Mehlspeisen“ or classic soups and stews. Find them all in our E-Book Austrias traditional recipes.

The Austrian kitchen offers us many different delicacies, from pancake soup over to cider roast and up to iced bund cakes. There are also a lot of side dishes with regional ingredients like pumpkinseed oil, chantarelles and wild cranberries.

The typical Austrian dishes always remind us of our homes and of a childhood in grandmothers’s kitchen. Many of these recipes are passed on from generation to generation and we reinterpreted them in a modern way. Download it NOW!

Find the following recipes in the e-book:

Soups & starters

Whole-grain bread
Pea soup with dumplings
Potatoe cream soup
Vegetable soup with cheese dumplings
Semolina dumplings soup
Spelt & herbs pancakes

Main dishes
Fried cheese dumplings on salad
Apple walnut salad
Lamb‘s lettuce with potatoes
Dandelion salad
Potatoe curd dumplings
Pear seitan goulash
Roasted dumplings
Bacon dumplings
Lamb medaillon with polenta
Horseradish-meat with potatoes
Austrian cider roast
Pumpkin lentil stew
Oven vegetables with bacon
Chantarelle goulash

Desserts & sweet dishes
Polenta curd cheese bake
Dried pear noodles
Stacked doughnuts
Blueberry pancakes
Iced mini bundt cakes
Strawberry cheese cake
Plum dumplings
Poppy seed mini rolls
„Rosenthaler“ honey pancakes
Sugared cranberry pancakess
Plum rice bake
Austrian carnival doughnuts
Sand bundt cake
Walnut bundt cake with cinnamon apples
Cranberry jam

We wish you a lot of fun while cooking and say „Mahlzeit“!


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