Festive decorated christmas table

Christmas is a magical time, because you do some handicrafts or decorate your home with the whole family. On such days, a beautifully festive decorated chirstmas table may not be missing. It actually can be dressed up extraodinary. No matter if festive, playful, modern or romantic: When the guests are coming on christmas, also the table needs the right outfit. Our festive table decorations create a cozy christmas atmosphere.

On our festive christmas table, we like candles, different decoration elements like glitter balls, little houses, branches and everything in white and silver colours. Arranged in the middle of the table, little white houses and trees are a real eye-catcher. Of course, wreaths are also a must on our table – wreaths in all forms and made of different materials. No matter if you put it as highlight in the middle of the table, as napkin rings or as little decoration elements – they are the trend of the season. Besides the festive decoration a matching crockery – in white – and silver cutlery may not be missing. With a perfectly festive decorated table, the christmas menu tastes even better!

Christmas menu

The great thing about these holidays is not only a beautifully decorated table, but also a perfect menu. We all know on christmas holidays we like to feast with our family. For this occasion, we serve a savoury cheese saltimbocca with bacon on rocket salad and pomegranate as starter. We continue with a semolina dumpling soup as warm starter and our highlight on the plates will be salmon wellington with tasty cheese. As sweet conclusion and little treat for the christmas coffee, we have baked fruity lemon shortbread cookies. For everybody who doesn’t necessaryly want someting sweet as dessert, we show you a delicious recipe for a christmas tree made of cheese and grapes.

Christmas tree made of cheese and grapes

Ingredients {for 1 christmas tree}

400 – 500 g cheese

150 g red grapes

150 g green grapes

a few branches of thyme


Remove the sides from the cheese and cut it into cubes. Wash the grapes. Arrange the cheese cubes and grapes alternately to a tree on a plate and garnish with the thyme branches.

With these decoration- and DIY tips and our recipe ideas for a christmas menu we wish you a merry christmas!