A baptism celebrated as a theme party – no way?! The Lovely events team says hey yeah!

So of course we had to organize the most special baptism for this little guy, son of cookingCatrin and godchild of Quirina-Felizitas. We styled Matteo’s baptism as a Vintage Garden Party (Taufkichtag). The baptism ceremony  was also held in the garden and made the whole baptism even more special.

We welcomed our guests with a special fruity welcome drink – the Spitz Frizzante ”Veilchenblüte”. A violet bubbly with a purple violet taste. A real eye-catching tasty welcome highlight!

The baptism ceremony took place on a little elevation in the garden. A choir of close friends was responsible for the musical entertainment during the ceremony & throughout the whole party later on. The ceremony was super emotional & absolutely special. Traditional & modern songs provided the perfect festive background music during the whole event.

According to our dress code our guests were all perfectly dressed in ”Dirndl” & ”Lederhose” – typical Austrian traditional clothes. Also Matteo, our child to be baptized, wore a traditional costume ensemble. Leather shorts & shirt by Lederhose.com, a super cute grey wool jacket with small stars by Suestar & cute shoes by Edelheiß. 

Of course every fair needs a big marquee which we decorated with uber-cute pompoms & garlands from Babymoments. The Highlight of our party tent was our handmade flower luster, which I crafted out of wood & decorated with small handmade pompoms & ranunculuses. Small delicate vases from Stielreich rounded off this ensemble perfectly. We decorated the tables with small bouquets of roses & baby’s breath – find our DIY here. Handmade table cloths with lace doilies & embroidered napkins with ”Matteo” by felilu definitely were the eye turner here. Equipment in our party tent: babymoments & Stielreich

Table decoration: felilu & Sonnentor


We prepared a special buffet with savory delicacies at our cold buffet. An arrangement of the finest delicacies from Bergwild  was waiting for our guests. Venison salami, venison gammon & venison pastries. Corresponding to these exclusive delicacies we served our guests coarse rye bread, spelt loafs & small rolls. Freshly bakes with love by Carinthia’s most famous bakery – Wienerroither. Freshly baked lye pretzels were the absolute highlight of our bread buffet & perfectly matched our palatable drought Stiegl Bier. Our delicate cheese selection went over big. Our guests could select their favorites out of many delicate cheeses from Salzburg Milch. (Granformaggio, Bergkäse, Mildsitter, Bierkäse and many more….) Homemade roast beef sandwiches of venison with freshly bakes ”Knack&Back” rolls topped of our lavish cold buffet perfectly.

Of course our guest could choose from different warm dishes too. At our warm buffet, on a real vintage stove, we served different typical Carinthian soups & dishes such as ”Kärntner Kichtagssuppe” with ”Reindling”, Ritschert and a real consommé with ”Fritatten” (sliced pancakes) or noodles – prepared with love by our families.

Many thanks to Yulia Haybäck – die Partyköchin for the buffet equipment.


Of course every great party needs a good selection of drinks. Beside Stiegl drought beer, our guests had the chance to choose from many different other beverages.

An exclusive wine bar by Agora Vino & a Bubbly Bar by Hochriegl made our guest’s hearts jump a beat. An antique & restored with love cupboard conduced as a glass case for our wine & juice glasses.

Our Juice bar with many different fruit juices from Rauch was another highlight for small & big guests. You guests mixed their own cocktails with fresh juices & bubblies by Hochriegl.

In accordance to the famous slogan ”Wenn die kan Almdudler haben…..” our selection also included Almdudler in propper vintage style bottles.

Our special recommendations of the day Spritz Rosé ( Vineyard Groszer from the exclusive vine online shop Agora VinoStiegl Beer by the kep & Hochriegl Pink Hugo served with berries, lime & fresh mint.

Tip: For the perfect vintage touch we served our cocktails in Ball Mason Glasses from Partyerie. Our juices were served in small empty Rauch bottles, of course we decorated both with paper straws found at Stielreich. The fantastic eye-catching juice dispenser was another highlight of our juice bar also found at Partyerie. Vintage boxes from Vinterior completed our vintage style juice & bubbly bar perfectly.

Sweet Candy Bar

We decided to bake 3 different cakes as the ”heart” pieces of our sweet table. Two Naked Curd Cakes & one elegantly decorated official baptism cake with a huge ”M ” for Matteo on top. Of course very great candy buffet needs a lot of sweets. Beside our 3 cakes & traditional pastries, such as ”Reindling”, ”Mohn”- & ”Nusspotizen” we decorated our buffet richly with all different kind of candies, such as handmade bonbons & lollies from Vienna’s famous ”Zuckerlwerkstatt”. Spelt waffles, apple chips and gelatin free gummi bears from Sonnentor were the more ”healthier” options. Our candy bar was equipped with an uber cute ”Candy Bar” garland, small chevron wood cutlery & golden glittery glasses from Babybellyparty. Wonderful glass jars from Stielreich & Westwing made our candy bar look mighty fine. The large white cake plate from Blueboxtree in the middle of our buffet drew the attention to our lovely baptism cake and the  small candy bags & shovels also found at Blueboxtree definitely made our candybar look like a real small candy shop. Our sweet candy bar was a highlight for all our guests, but especially for the children.

For all coffee lovers & caffein junkies we prepared a special self-service coffee bar Julius Meinl & Emmi. Our guests had the chance to try the newest capsules & brew their own coffee with the new Caffitaly capsule coffee maker. For the Ice cold caffein kick, our Emmi Ice cold Coffee bar offered everything the ice cold coffee lover heart desires.

When you think of a baptism only a very few, or maybe no one would think of an Aunt Sally, a candy floss maker, a may tree or even a traditional dance group. Well, at our ”Taufkirchtag” we convinced our guests of the contrary.

The start for our ”Taufkirchtag” fun made the Volkstanzgruppe Lindwurm. They performed different traditional dances & Schuhplattler and absolutely made the perfekt ”Kirchtags” – atmosphere. Our guests could choose between many different typical fair activities, such as a shooting gallery, a vintage bowling alley & tin can shy. Whoever needed a break in between had the chance to relax in a real strandkorb and enjoy an ice cold Red Bull Cola.



Another great highlight and a must at every great party is a photo booth. We created a special vintage style photobooth corner for our guests to capture some funny memories. Old window frames and doors, and chairs in ghost chair-style (Möbelverleih Rotfuchs) made up the perfect location. Ein weiteres Highlight der Taufparty war die im Vintage Stil gestaltete Photobooth-Ecke. Fun Photobooth Props from Babybellyparty completed our corner for unbridled photo fun.


All our guests got a little gingerbread heart with the inscription ”Matteo’s Taufe” as a special abiding memory, made with love by Wienerroither. We also surprised our female guests & children with special goodies from Sonnentor.

We would like to thank all our lovely guests for being part of our special ”Taufkirchtag”. Thank you for joining us on this special day & for making it unforgettable.

We would like to thank CarlettoPhotography from the bottom of our hearts for capturing this day with such wonderful pictures !

Special thanks go to our dear sponsors, who supported us with products.