Rock the Kuchl!

“The Kuchl” is carinthian dialect and means “the kitchen”. “The kuchl” is the most modern equipped cooking studio of cookingCatrin and Carletto Photography in Klagenfurt/Carinthia. Delicious recipes are prepared and cooked, beautiful food photos and videos are shot and interesting workshops and cooking classes for up to 16 people are held in the Kuchl. In the summer season you can also enjoy a nice cold drink on the terrace.

If you are searching for a cooking class, for a location for culinary days, a  wine tasting, a workshop or if you are just in need for a location for a company event with culinary highlights – there you are in the right place!

The kitchen which is furnished in a vintage style gives you the opportunity to meet friends, cook together and search for new inspirations in a culinary ambience.

„The Kuchl“ is – in old tradition –the place where you meet all your loved ones to talk, laugh and have fun. Culinary events will be on the right place here.

To cook with love is soul food

Courses & Workshops

“Everyone can cook”. What sounds like a dream, is, in fact, true – at least with our cooking classes. We offer special seasonal topics like “Christmas cookies & Advent wreaths” as well as workshops on  „Food Styling und Food Photography“ or special classes for the fields of baking, roasting or the usage of special kitchen devices. You won’t regret visiting us and “The Kuchl”, because really “Everyone can cook”…

book Classes & Workshops

Rent „The Kuchl“

What offers “the Kuchl”?

Size: 75 m2

Terrace: 40 m2, partly roofed

The most modern equipment of the company MIELE built-in in functional and stylish kitchen furniture of IKEA in a country house style. Here you can plan your personal event, perform workshops & courses {projector is provided} and use “The Kuchl” for productions {photo, video} or cooking classes, wine tastings etc.

“The Kuchl” has a cooking island with an induction cooker, an extra strong and quiet dishwasher, an oven, an oven-steam-cooker-combination, a classic steam-cooker and a microwave with steam-cooker-function.

Besides that we have a vacuum device and a warming drawer.

What does “The Kuchl” cost?

If we know your desired date, time and duration of the event we are glad to send you an individual offer.

For all events there is also the opportunity to use the services of  Carletto Photography and have your pictures of the event being taken. We are glad to make you an individual offer there too.


Have a look 'n cook!

How to find us:

“The Kuchl”

Johann-Thys-Zeile 9

9020 Klagenfurt


Where you can park your car:

Only two minutes away there are spacious parking opportunities. It is not a problem to park directly in front of the kitchen for on- and offloading.


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