4 – 8 sweet potatoes {depends on size}

400 g chickenbreast

1 Pkg. Old El Paso Fajita seasoning

¼ tsp paprika

salt & pepper

2 tbsp oliveoil

1 chili | alternative: pepperoni

1 glas Old El Paso salsa

2 fists arugula

125 g cocktail tomatoes

sour cream-herbs-dip:

3 tbsp herbs {parsley & chives chopped}

1 toe garlic

175 g sour cream

100 g  joghurt {nature}

salt & pepper

for garnishing:

1 Pkg. Old El Paso Nachips

fresh herbs: coriander, basil

sweet potatoes “mexican style”

Filled sweet potatoes mexican Style – filled with chicken, selfmade sour cream dip, tomatoes, arugula and fresh herbs. Recipe styled with Old El Paso products, easy to cook and awesome in tasting.