Mother’s Day in pink, blue & red

Every year again – but no, this time it is not Christmas, it’s the day, where all mothers are on focus: Mother’s Day. Surprise for mum – at this unique day, we want to pamper our mothers with all that belongs to it: flowers, chocolate, self-cooked food with a proper dessert, springlike decoration and presents are also may not be missed. Together with our florist, we created a lovely decorated table, that will hit our mums.

Red Roses as a decoration highlight

We love the combination of vareign styles! Modern decoration meets classic elements: a grey linen tablecloth makes the basis four our Mother’s Day decoration table. The contrast for that purpose makes a big bouquet of red roses, what makes the decoration highlight on the table. White plates with a tender flowerprint in pastel colors, match spring and the gaudy roses. Candles and little etageres, were we serve teacakes in cups, suit with this also.

A big etagere, that is placed in the middle of the table, is decorated with candles, little hearts out of stones and jars filled with roses and grapes.

As a snack, bevor the big hunger comes, we serve red grapes and salty pretzelhearts in bowls with a tender blue-print in the Japanese-Style, that are trendy at the moment. Cherry blossoms symbolise tenderness and clarity. The carp-print stands for strength, endurance, wealth and fortune. The dinnerware is the embodiment of japanese tradition. Due to a high amount of magnesium it is more break-proofed than other tablewear, but still lightly and thin.

Out in the nature!

Not only on, but also around the table, we arrange beautyful decoration. So we attach hearts with describable blackboards with ribbons at the chair-backs. The tender tree, under which the table stands, will also be decorated like the table itself. We attache red silky ribbons on the branches, to create romantic elements, that will thrill our mums. Light pastel colored flowers, that are also attached to the branches, dezentralise the red colors and bring some colored accents in the nature.

Tipp: wrap a big jar with color matching ribbons and fill it with water. Give some cropped roses in the jar and let them swim. This is a beautyful alternative to flower bouquets.

Recipes for mum

Beside the beautyful table decoration all mothers are happy when their “kids” cook for them, am I right? We conjure tasty spring-recips – from salad, to the dessert, to the drinks. And all mothers can lay back and enjoy …

A springly salad with char, radish and cucumber is a slightly main course for warm and sunny spring days. For a lovely message we use  pretzel hearts: they do not only look sweet, they also refine our salad with a crispy topping.

Also on our Mother’s Day Cake we have something crispy. We serve a delicious chocolate cheesecake with chocolate glazing and as a topping, we use the pretzel hearts, that we dipped in chocolate before. The combination of salty pretzels and sweet chocolate tastes heavenly and is a guaranted surprise for mum.

Then it goes on with a little delicacy for in between. Tea cakes in form of mug cakes! Tea cakes are on of the cake trends in this year. We baked little rose lemon mug cakes, refined with tea, in white tea cups with blue print. Beside this we serve a cool cocktail – Orange Tea Martini with black tea. This pampers mum and makes a good mood.

Vanilla meets coffee

There is one thing that must not be missing on the Mother’s Day table – a good cup of fresh brewed cappuccino. Suitable with this we serve for our mums a fine creamcake with vanilla baked pastry case and cappuccino-buttercream. Decorated with coconut flakes and color matching flowers in berry colors, the cake looks fabulous and will surprise our mums.

With this ideas we wish you a happy Mother’s day!