250 g whole-grain sugar free | alternative sugar free Biscotti

150 g butter

5 eggs {size L}

8 tablespoons natusweet Kristalle 1:1 Süsse

750 g curd cheese

400 g cream cheese

marc of 1 vanilla bean

1 package vanilla pudding power

For decoration: 200 g fresh berries

Light cheesecake – sugar free for a perfect bikini season

American classics, but in a fruity and healthy way. Healthy baking is an absolute trend nowadays. There is no need to consider the calories with our juicy berry cheesecake. Thanks to natusweet we’ve got a healthy alternative to sugar. It has natural origins and you can put it 1:1 in the baking recipes. You can definitely enjoy one piece more, when you cook with natusweet. Let us introduce you to a fresh spring recipe idea. Ideal to relish in the sunny afternoons – sugar free cheesecake with berries.

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