A very delicious advent – or christmas dessert. The fine flavours of the chutney in the combination of apples, vanilla and cinnamon harmonize perfectly with the creamy taste of the ricepudding. The dessert can be served warm or cold.

Ingredients (for 4 servings)

1 cup of risotto rice

3 cups of milk

1/2 cup whipping cream

1 egg

1 vanilla bean

50 g sugar

1/2 tbs grated cinnamon

for the baked apple chutney:

4 apples

30 g butter

3 tbs sugar

litte bit of grated cinnamon

1 tbs rum


Scrap the vanilla bean. Heat the milk, put the the rice with the vanilla in the milk. Boil the rice slowly – and while stearing steady. Stir the egg with the cream and the sugar until smooth. Put 3 tbs of the finished milk rice in the egg-cream mix and mix this in the whole milk rice.

For the baked apple chutney: peel the apples and cut it in small pieces. Heat the butter with rum and sugar in a pan. Roast the apple pieces for a few minutes. Serve the baked apple chutney with the rice pudding alternate in small glass bowls.

Tip: if you have no vanilla bean – use vanilla sugar instead.

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