225 ml Martini

300 ml  black tea sweet orange

2 TL  orange zest


For garnishing:

some branches of rosemary

quatered orange slices

Orange Tea Martini Cocktail for Mother’s Day … 

Surprise for mum! We conjured up a cocktail that not only surprised mum on Mother’s Day. Our orange tea martini is super casual and fruity with the  Sweet Orange Tea. With martini and a little honey, the cocktail becomes a successful combination of fruity and sweet. We have the orange tea martini garnished with flowers and make it an eye-catcher on Mother’s Day. In addition to the drink, we serve beautiful recipes on our stylish table – both sweet desserts and a salad with an extra dose of love. Here’s our styletable with the recipes and many decorating ideas. Makes your mom happy and surprises her on her special day with a beautifully table and a few delicacies – she’ll be glad!