Start delicious in the new year – with this fingerfood new years eve recipes for the fancy buffet that are simple in the making but look great and very special for a glamorous party evening. For the decoration i used the colors white, silver, lots and lots of silver glitter, stars and as a highlight 3 purple lucky pigs in different sizes. Next to some glittering decoration the perfect food is one of the most important facts for your party. For New Year´s Eve the best food ideas are fingerfood, salads and partysnacks that capture the new year topic and some traditional ingredients. This ingredients are smoked salmon – in term of smoked salmon tartare, lentils (that is a lucky charm for prosperity in the new year). Glittered and glamoured desserts are champagne cake pops and glittered vanilla chocolate cupcakes. Pizza wheels in form of the numbers 2015 top off the last culinary highlight buffet of the year.

These food is our New Year´s Eve food:

– Lentils salad with rucola & lemon dressing

– Champagne Cake Pops

– Mini vanilla chocolate cupcakes

– Smoked salmon tartare with mashed potatoes and herbal dip

– 2015 Appatizer – pizza wheels

I wish you a perfect, glamourous and wunderful New Year´s Eve and a good new year.