As Easter is coming soon, this is the perfect recipe for delicious and sweet easter treats!

Ingredients for 12 mini bundt cakes:

3 eggs

1 eggyolk

2 tbp honey

ground vanilla mark

100 g sour cream

350 ml whipping cream

175 g cranberries

50 g raisins

3 tbp rum

2 tsp cinnamon

4 tbp walnuts


Beat the eggs and the eggyolk with the ground vanilla and the honey above a water bath for about 10 minutes, stir constantly. Let it cool down above ice water and  beat it again for 5 minutes.

Add raisins, rum, cinnamon and the walnuts. Beat the whipping cream and mix 150 g cranberries. Add the cool egg-mixture. Fill small cups for bundt cakes half with the mixture, add the rest o the cranberries, a bit of honey and cinnamon and the rest of the mixture. Freeze for at least 6 hours.

Deko: tray & napkins from IHR

Flowers from Blumen Isabella

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iced bundt cakes


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