Tea is something to drink. These days are gone. At least since last year tea is a trendy ingredient in the kitchen. Especially matcha tea is a perfect ingredient for cooking and baking. That´s why i created this recipe for green matcha cake.


250 g powder

200 g sugar

1/8 liter water

1/8 liter oil

2 tsp green matcha tea powder

4 eggs

1 pkg. baking powder


Whip the powdered sugar with the eggs until creamy. Stir in water and oil and after that the flour and baking powder. Fill half of the dough in a bundt pan and mix the other one with the green matcha tea powder. Put the green dough in the bundt pan too and marble it with a fork.

Bake the pan for 60 minutes at 170 °degrees.

Glaze it with sugar glaze and pistacchios.

.s. cookingCatrin