Now, when the days are getting shorter and the mornings colder, we are looking forward to cozy hours at home. Who says that adults are too old for pyjama parties? We claim the opposite. If you are looking to the catwalks of the in-designers and the recent fashion trends, pyjamas are suitable for the streets. This trend is reason enough to make a cozy pyjama-party for stylish women and to invite your friends to the flanel’n ice cream party! For that reason you get some new inspirations for cool women based on the motto flanel’n ice cream. Yes, you read it correctly. We swap our chic party outfits and high heels with cozy flanel shirts and feel-good clothes and meet up on Sunday afternoon {or on Saturday evening for a surprise party like in the good old times} in chilled outfits for some gossip, drinking tea together and feasting waffles with ice cream. What looks like a pyjama-party for adults is a cozy get-together with our besties. No calorie-counting, but lots of gossip sweetens up the afternoon.


According to fall, the flat becomes your comfort zone in warm fall colours with leaves and flanel fabrics! We see red! The flanel theme is inseperable with checked patterns and {red} lumberjack shirts. Cozy flanel blankets and checked pillows, as well as leggings, knit pullovers and cute clogs are the highlight-pieces for this flanel’n ice cream party. We serve tea in different flavours as well as Chai Latte and hot chocolate. Besides a classic marble ring cake the party highlight is our ice cream topping bar! The absolute eye-catcher is our decorative ceramic cookie box at the bar. Next to waffles, ice cream cones, berries, fruits, {candied} nuts, chocolate and different liquid toppings like chocolate-, caramel sauce or chai syrup, every ice cream lover finds his/her personal topping favourites. Häagen-Dazs pints in different flavours with scoops invite the guests to make use of the ice cream bar themselves. Our tip: prepare the waffle dough and put the waffle iron next to the ice cream bar. Your guests can bake their waffles themselves and immediately refine them with their favourite Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

Activities for the

flanel’n ice cream party

After feasting the ice cream, cakes, waffles and co. together, parlour games and DVDs {funny comedies for women} are on the programme.

If the girls stay overnight, we serve some prosecco later and pay attention to the traditional pyjama-party-games:

*spin-the-bottle: in the adult version please – I mean everyone brings five clothes along, who she doesn’t need anymore {scarfs, hats, accessorizes}, the bottle decides. The one at who the bottle points at chooses a piece. Useful for tiding up one’s wardrobe and get new, cool accessorizes.

*truth or dare… love stories are expecially exciting 😉

*planning the next girls trip

* classic parlour games like Twister, Tabu or Acitvity

With these tips for a successful falnel’n ice cream party, we wish you a beautiful autumn season with your best friends.