Fiesta Mexicana – rolled and wounded

Rolled and wounded, wrapped and filled. This is the motto of our girls-new years eve –party. No long preparations, relaxed time together, having fun and drinking prosecco. A fiesta Mexicana is not just quickly prepared, really tasty but also makes lots of fun. Perfect for the whole family. Lots of vegetables and dips can be prepared easily together with the help of the kids.

The best: everyone is rolling and wounding according to his own taste. Everyone decides for themselves what comes into their wraps. Fajita party therefore isn´t a typical cooking session, but a new years eve-party taking place in the kitchen.

Colorful, more colorful, Mexican kitchen

The Mexican kitchen is al party, hot, colorful and out of all fast and uncomplicated. Every (mexican) child knows the diversity of mexican classics. Including tortillas prepared as wraps, fajitas and tacos, as much as the world-famous chili con carne and dips, as the well known guacamole. Everyone is loving these Mexican classics. But what is the difference between fajita, wrap and tortillas?

All Star – tortilla

It´s all about tortillas. Weather from what, as the classic Old El Paso Tortillas, corn or wholewheat – Mexicans are loving their tortillas. Soft and crispy, filled, rolled and wounded. For you a small wordrap:

  • Burritos are filled and rolled tortillas
  • Fajitas are filled, rolled and pleated tortillas
  • Quesadillas are filled, pleated, sprinkled with cheese and fried in the pan
  • Tacos are corntortillas for dipping and enjoying

Mexican girls-party  – shoppinglist

All you need:

Fresh vegetables

Old El Paso tortillas and wraps

Chicken or beef

Avocados- for guacamole or avocado-cream

Hot Old El Paso seasoning

Sour cream dip

Our recipe-idea for you new years eve-party:

Shrimps avocado bites


2 Avocados

juice from one lemon

salt and pepper

2 tbsp oil

200 g shrimps

1 pkg. Old El Paso taco seasoning

1 pkg. old El Paso Nachips


For the avocado-cream: mix the avocados with lime juice and stir it. Season with salt and pepper. Sear the shrimps in a pan with oil and season with taco seasoning, salt and pepper. Place one tablespoon of avocado-cream and one shrimp at each nachip.

Optional: if you like it hot – mix the avocado cream with some chili.

Fiesta Mexicana – the menu

We are showing two creative recipe-ideas for your fiesta Mexicana: colorful veggie taco salad and chickenfajitas with sweet-sour enchilada rice.

And for all sweet loving people out there: sweet chimichangas with fruits.

With this ideas for your Mexican party we are saying “buon provecho” and “salud”!