Everyone knows the traditional red-white tablecloth for Easter. Beautiful – but a bit oldfashioned. That’s why we want to present you our version of a much more modern Easter table decoration. Done by the creative styling team cookingCatrin and  Isabella Floristik.

This year our motto for Easter is: grey & pastel, modern & traditional.

Out table looks very trendy – pastel colours are the trend colours of this year! As a pendant we chose grey for the tablecloth.



The easter table can be something special. Handmade, traditional dishes from Gmundner Keramin are a must-have! For our table we chose the very stylish but classic series “grauer Hirsch” and “blau geflammt”. The colours go perfectly together. For variety we added light blue mugs and plates {found at stielreich.at}. Choose high-claas silverware! We took the WMF series Ativ {found at wmf.at}. For the napkins we added grey-white ones from Ihr.eu.

For some more variety choose different napkins, vor example lunch-and papernapkins in grey or checkered, or with motives on it {found atIhr.eu and babyoments.at}.

Also candleholders in rustic optic are perfect for our table {found atIhr.eu}. They add a very cosy atmosphere to it. Place candles or small flower vases on them. For some details, place small china bunnies on the table. Fresh flowers in different colour give the table a spring-like and very fresh finish. {found at Riess}. The yellow can {found at Stielreich.at} brings a colourful touch to the table.


Spring, Easter and Flowers simply go hand in hand. We also want to bring spring onto our Easter table. Fresh colours and natural materials create a wonderful contrast to the simple grey tablecloth. Flowers and blooming branches also add a nice finish to the table. What we definitely need for Easter: tulips, daffodils, and other spring flowers. You can also hang eggshells on the branches, that can be used as mini flower vases.

DIY Tipp for flower vases: stick fabric to old water bottles and add flowers into the bottle.

Don’t forget to add feathers and eggs – they are a absolute must on the table! You can also tie feathers, eggs and flowers to a wreath and fix it to the chair.


Table decoration do it yourself: what we need is a egg box, feathers, flowers, clean egg shells, nice ribbons and some small eggs. Tischdekoration selbst gemacht.



Now you can start with decorating the table! Don’t forget to add flowers, they really bring nice colours to the table. Eggshells can be used as “vases” for small flower arrangements. Also ribbons, lace and feathers can be used for the whole table – it adds a very gentle touch to everything. Candles bring some more variation into the decoration, for example egg-formed candles are perfect for our Easter table! Don’t be afraid of using many colours at Easter, everyone will be happy to see a colourful and fresh table. The perfect amount is using three colours that fit together.

With all these nice ideas we are perfectly prepared for family an guests. Also the bunny would like to take place on our beautiful table! 😉

yours, cookingCatrin (with Isabella Floristik)