cookingCatrin is a culinary online-magazine from Austria, containing recipes, pleasure, decoration & DIY, the multiple international honored Blogazine, headquatered in the sunny south of Austria {Klagenfurt am Wörthersee}, presents daily new topics from the austrian and mediterranean kitchen, from culinary national and international travel and the own culinary-studio & photo-studio „Die Kuchl“.

The blogazine „cookingCatrin“ was founded in 2014 by Catrin Neumayer {text, recipes, storytelling, social media, customer relations} and Carletto Ferrari {photography, jurisdiction}. The marketing-expert and the photographer and lawyer are in a job-related relationship and in a private relationship and they are parents of their son Matteo {born December 2014}. Beside the blog, the couple runs their culinary-studio „Die Kuchl“. As an agency they produce texts, pictures, videos about culinary topics for national and international customers with their team.

MMag. Catrin Neumayer, Bakk. phil. – cookingCatrin

I am Catrin Neumayer, 30 years old, born in Lungau (Salzburg), better known as cookingCatrin. I live in the sunny south of Austria with all of my heart. I studied Media- and Communication-Science, and worked for a big Austrian energydrink-producer, bevor I worked as a Marketing Manager for an international watch concern. Due to the pregnancy with my son Matteo in the year 2014, I officially established the Food- and Lifestyleblog

Since that many dreams came true and I work as a foodblogger, foodstylist and editor for print- and online-magazines, national and international companies and I am the CEO of my agency, the blogazine and run our kitchenstudio together with my love Carletto. We presented our first cookbook in summer 2016 „Echt.Fesch.Gekocht“ dedicated to our love for the traditional Austrian cuisine.

For me cooking and baking are my number one hobby, my job and a kind of »kitchenyoga«. I love to take my readers on national and international travels. „Especially the austrian kitchen with it’s regional characteristics and many traditional recipes, has to be saved for the younger generations. I love it to reinterpret traditional recipes in a modern way, to keep the blog in between tradition and modernity.

Mag. Carletto Ferrari-Brunnenfeld – Carletto Photograph

After the successfull university degree of my law-studies in Graz and the Netherlands, I was working in the marketing department of a big Austrian bank, as press spokesman of the ministery of transport and as a office manager of a shopping center. The photography, which is now for 20 years a part of my life – first in front and then behind the lence – is since the founding of cookingCatrin, with focus on food, lifestyle, scenery and culinary my main job – and I love it, to be creative with the camera. To phase passion and job is for me personally the absolute self-fulfilment, but also the basis of a successful career. Due to cookingCatrin i do not only have the possibility to be and work together with the love of my life, but also to implement common ideas in a photografic way– and lust but not least, there is gorgeous food every day.



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