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cookingCatrin is one of the leading German speaking Blogazines in the field of recipes, cuisine, travel and decoration. Besides writing new recipes daily, the cookingCatrin team takes the readers on expeditions throughout Austria and beyond its borders, creates beautifully decorated tables, tells stories around the topics of eating and indulgence, and shows new products and ingredients to the readers in an honest and trustworthy way. Additionally, a healthy diet, exercise and international food trends also play a major role on the blog.

All articles are written by cookingCatrin or a member of her team. The honest opinion of these articles cannot be bought – it is our goal to work authentically and we especially have long lasting cooperations with Premium Partners and leading brands. A major focus is rightfully labeling the advertisement and cooperations. This is done individually for each customer with maximal effort, joy for cooking and professional photography and videography that can either be done in our own studio, “on location” or with you on site. You are welcome to send your request to:

Commercial photography & customer cooperation “Off Blog”

Our service includes:

* Photography & Recipe lines as ordered productions {Print Magazines, Advertising Campaigns}

* Photoshoots in the field of: cuisine, gastronomy, tourism, travel and lifestyle

* Food Styling {includes providing equipment in the field of food, decorations and cuisine}

* Development of new recipes

* Food photography by Carletto Photography

* Production of print magazines {including photography, content creation, graphics, editing, Project planning and organisation, printmanagement}

* Social media strategies & maintenance of external channels

Cooperation possibilities on the Blog

Development of recipes & recipes with product integration & Advertorials

We love cooking! CookingCatrin provides over 3000 creative recipes that our faithful readers enjoy cooking themselves and indulge in. We would be glad to introduce your product or new products in a creative way in a recipe.

* Travel & Travel Postings | * Hotel & Gastronomy

We love to travel and enjoy taking our readers live with us into your region or hotel/restaurant in form of picture centered travel articles. We experience your offer through the eyes of a guest and tell our readers about it on our Blog and our social media channels. We gladly provide our Partners with picture packages for their own usage or combine contract shootings with travels. Be welcome to let us know where the next  journey will go to.

* Videos

You want to promote your product or house in a clip. With the help of two professional video teams we create social media clips, promotion videos in the field cuisine, storytelling or creative recipe videos.

* Advertorial & Sponsored Posts

Product Placement in form of pictures or video-Ads. Attractive placement on our Homepage, in recipes or posts, in the sidebar or as content ads. On request we gladly send you the available area and prices.

* Product Placement

Product placement in the particular fields are another from of cooperation. You want to place focus onto a particular product or want to show your collection to a broad readership? Let us develop a suitable solution together.

* Advertising space, Banner space & Linking

Banner placement in form of a picture or video-ad. Active placement on the Homepage, in recipes or postings, in the sidebar or in form of content ads. We are more than happy to send you the space and price on request.

* Social Media Cooperation

You want to become a part of the “cookingCatrin” community and have your products placed authentically on social media platforms? Be welcome to contact us in regards to Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest placement. On request we are more than happy to suggest you a fitting campaign in our channels.

* Testimonial & Brand Ambassador

We as the brand “cookingCatrin” are happy to stand at your disposal as market testimonials for special products or subjects. Exclusive partnerships or exclusive year long cooperations are possible in industries.

* Individual packages are tailored to your wishes.

* Gastronomy concepts, menu design {in the fields of cuisine Orientation and dishes}

You are in search for a creative gastronomy concept or would like to have honest feedback to your house, menu or your Restaurant/Hotel. We are welcome to help you with individual wishes, advise and develop meal presentations, menus or more for you and your team.

Courses & Shows

* Cooking course with cookingCatrin

* Teambuilding Events

* Live cooking shows {with social media support}

We are happy to hear from you:


MMag. Catrin Neumayer & Mag. Carletto Ferrari-Brunnenfeld

Johann Thys Zeile 9

9020 Klagenfurt


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